• The Founder

    Where we came from and where we’re going.  

    Founded in 2019, SNOBODI is the brainchild of business graduate and young entrepreneur Hugh Wilcox. Researching environmentally conscious and sustainable technical outerwear, Hugh discovered there was a gap in the Australian snow industry leading him to develop SNOBODI.  

    Hugh is a lifelong snowboarding enthusiast with a passion for on-trend, ethical and sustainable snow apparel with the desire to push boundaries and become a driving force in the Australian snow industry. 

    In a market that is fast changing and evolving, Founder Hugh Wilcox felt an urgent need for a fresh new perspective on adventure wear. Hugh’s first-hand insight into Gen Z is a driving influence that gives SNOBODI a dynamic cutting edge in an everchanging industry where style and trends can change in the flash of a fast run.

    SNOBODI understands that this is an industry that is built on new younger generations who are looking for adventure and memories, whilst leaving a minimal footprint on the lands where we have our fun. Hugh says that the SNOBODI brand is built on 3 key pillars - high performance apparel, unique but timeless designs, and lastly a common respect for our planet. 

    SNOBODI knows that life is too short and needs to be lived without missed opportunities, opportunities that need to be lived in SNOBODI. Your choice of technical apparel should reflect who you are and what you represent on the mountain. SNOBODI has gone to extraordinary lengths to develop nothing but the best in snow apparel, ensuring you get the most out of your journey.


Fully taped seams are an absolute essential here at SNOBODI to ensure water stays outside the jacket. The seams are known to be the weakest part of the jacket, so by incorporating a unique tape that makes them totally waterproof, you can enjoy the most extreme conditions with absolute confidence.

SNOBODI’S 20k/15k Waterproof/Breathability membrane offers ultimate protection through the use of hydrophilic membrane technology, pulling moisture from the skin, the membrane will keep you dry on those bigger days.

The TPU lamination has been loaded up with eco-friendly C0 DWR 80/10 making sure that water is going to fall straight off your jacket.

SNOBODI uses 3M™️ Thinsulate™️ Insulation which is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet
thin. It helps trap and hold body heat, while allowing moisture to escape.

The extremely fine microfibres in the Thinsulate insulation help trap air and block body radiant heat loss, making it an efficient insulator. The high warmth - to thickness ratio of the insulation enables designs with less bulk and enhanced freedom of movement


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Just as function and design are part of the brands core values, environmental consciousness is a driving force in our actions. Nothing’s more important than ensuring future generations are able to experience the beauty of our natural landscapes for many years to come, and we pay homage to this in the way we design and create.




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